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1:1 Ballers Sessions

We are pleased to launch 1:1 Ballers sessions for all ages and abilities.

Often in groups individuals that struggle or are not challenged, never fulfil their maximum potential. 1:1 sessions ensure the child is engaged and their maximum learning potential is achieved.

Progression is at the forefront of each session. Eliminating external factors such as friends, classmates or teammates enables the individual to express themselves.

The session will cater for any individual needs or learning styles. The pace of the session will be adapted around the individual’s capabilities.

An in-depth analysis of their performance ensures mistakes are correct immediately and no bad habits occur.

Improvement could be visible within weeks, helping to increase self-esteem and confidence. It is the coach’s responsibility to highlight weaker areas of the individual’s game and target them specifically.

The coach delivering the sessions has been around the game for a long time and understands players reactions and frustration when attempting new activities.

Talent ID and Analysis Events

Ballers Academy strives to achieve excellence. A testing platform has been created for children to visually monitor their own ability. This method should entice children to challenge themselves.

Shot Power

The testing days are sporadic and will include but not limited to; shot power, agility, and speed tests with a focus of implementing these techniques in small sided games. Between testing days training sessions will focus upon specific attributes to help improve their scores.

Shot Power

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