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Half-term holiday help with Ballers Academy & Kids Takeover

One of the most effective ways to keep your children fit and healthy is to find the right mix of …

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UEFA Women’s 2022 Euro

Gearing up for the UEFA Women’s 2022 Euro with Ballers Academy

In total, 15 nations including hosts England have qualified for next years’ UEFA Women’s Euro. The tournament kicks off at …

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How to keep active with the kids this autumn

Getting up and about in the autumn will be great fun once you know what to look for. The best …

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Ballers Academy

Want a Ballers near you? Register your interest today!

The Ballers team has had a great time at Tranby School, and now we are looking to spread our wings …

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Case Study

Ex Ballers Academy member continues to show his talent at Kingswood Tigers

“Carter loved Ballers and it got him to where he is. Now he scores every game in his team, without …

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Ballers Summer Review

The Big Ballers Summer Review

We’ve had a brilliant summer of football training this year across all our venues. Whether rain or shine, our Ballers …

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Teaching Football Using Maths

Teaching Football Using Maths

Children have natural energy, from the moment they can squirm, they’ll be getting into mischief. Using physical activity to get …

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Managing Competitions and Encouraging Sportsmanship

Good news! You’ve got them on the field but how do you make sure they’re learning the right lessons to …

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Baller of the Week

Feedback on some of our recent Ballers of the Week winners

Another week, another set of deserving winners. At Ballers Academy, we make sure good efforts never go unnoticed and that’s …

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Five handy tricks for getting your kids their 30 minutes of activity a day

It’s pretty tempting for parents to surrender their devices for the summer and sit the children up in front of …

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Case Study

Ballers Academy parent Stacey Waslin, describes her experience with us

“I’m really grateful to Louis and Graeme with how good they are with the kids. They are patient, caring and …

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Keepers Academy

Get ready for the Ballers Keepers Academy!

Flex your reflexes, hone that agility and prepare for those penalties with the Ballers Keepers Academy this summer! Ballers Academy …

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