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Tips for Parents and Guardians to Promote Children’s Activity & Well-being

Parents and guardians have a critical role in promoting children’s activity, well-being and healthy development. As we enter the holidays when kids are out of school, it is important to be mindful about how our actions can either support or undermine their physical activity habits.

There are many things that parents and guardians can do that will help promote children’s health including: – Setting an example by being active ourselves – Encouraging them to participate in activities they enjoy such as outdoor games like water fights or ball games with other kids down the street – Or setting limits on screen time and providing alternative ways to be active outside of their neighbourhood such as rock climbing or swimming.


Be a Role Model

One way to instil good habits in your child is for you to be a good role model. If you want them to be active, make sure that you walk more. If they are looking at screens, turn off the TV and spend time with them one on one or as a family bonding activity. It is important for parents to set limits on indoor activities which will prevent lack of movement.

Even if you decide to go for an hour long walk, this will provide the necessary activity level to ensure your child can work off some of that energy and boost growth and development. Alternatively, pick a sport and show your child how to do it. If they are younger, set up a play date with other children and teach them the game you want them to learn together at home.


Make it Fun

Participating in activities they enjoy such as outdoor games like water fights or ball games with other kids on the block can also be a great way to promote activity. It’s important that children are given time to play with others their own age to cultivate their social skills and self-confidence.


Family Activities

Your child will create positive memories when you take them out to experience new activities as well. Swimming provides an excellent low-impact workout for kids, which is both affordable and great fun. We recommend that you should try to go for a family swim regularly, Other good family activities to try from time to time are cycling or woodland walks with plenty of hills.

It is a great time to think about ways to promote children’s health given the previous restrictions to how we could interact during the pandemic. We want our kids and grandkids to be healthy now so they can enjoy their lives as adults later on. Now is the time to create those memories. Make sure to get your summer plans in place and remember that there are so many ways to be active right on your doorstep.

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