Ballers Summer Review

The Big Ballers Summer Review

We’ve had a brilliant summer of football training this year across all our venues. Whether rain or shine, our Ballers have dribbled, passed, and shot their way into Ballers Academy history. Our professional team of coaches have been incredibly impressed with the level of commitment, skill, and sportsmanship from all of our Ballers!

The summer saw more than a thousand places booked for Ballers Summer Academy. Over 900 places were booked at Hymers, one of our most popular venues throughout summer and 354 at Hull Collegiate (Tranby), in just 15 days. A big Ballers thank you to all that took part and the parents that helped keep their kids healthy and happy with us this summer!

We packed in a lot this summer and it’s thanks to our brilliant coaches who have been on hand to help and instruct. Our Ballers have focussed on building an awareness of their space while learning ball control skills. A variety of skill and drill-based activities have had them dribbling, shooting, passing and developing their technique in tight areas, using fun small-sided games. It’s those toe-tapping skills that help them to weave past not only cones but their fellow ballers, too.

With great coaching and state-of-the-art kit and equipment, we’ve helped them build and improve their skills in each session. Several activities focus upon technique, with skills and drills that test their ability to change direction quickly or interact with the ball, such as ball taps per minute or testing the angles they make on approach to when striking the ball.

We’re looking forward to what the rest of the year brings and keeping those ball skills up to an excellent standard!

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